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Characteristics and application of cast iron grate

【Abstract】:The cast iron grate is characterized by the whole appearance of a square shape.

The cast iron grate is characterized by the whole appearance of a square shape. For the square cast iron rainwater grate is used on the asphalt road of the park, there are the pavement requirements in the park, for the road is ordinary type, the polymer base composite materials of the polymer, for the non-motor vehicle road of the park, for the green space in the park is steel concrete material, for the cast iron rainwater grate is relatively heavy nodular casting iron rainwater grate. However, the sunken courtyard adopts the ordinary type of cast iron rain grate, and the consistent material of the polymer for the casting iron rain grate is the nodular casting iron rain grate.

The cast iron grate acts directly on the T rubber strips to be soft and rigid and eliminate noise. Anti-theft: on the outer ring of the manhole cover, a side groove is raised, and the opening ring at the inner wall of the manhole cover is connected to the manhole cover through the fixed shaft and the inner wall of the other end is fixed, which plays a role of anti-theft. When the manhole cover is opened and placed for 90 degrees, the manhole cover can be removed to facilitate construction. The dormant lock adopts a nylon liner, rust, and is equipped with special tools to open, reliable. Anti-skid: the surface of the manhole cover is raised 3mm pattern, so as to play a good anti-skid effect. Shockproof: set the U-shaped groove at the stop of the well ring, use T synthetic rubber strip, embedded in the U-type groove. During the contact between the well cover and the well ring, to play a buffer effect and reduce the vibration force. Anti-shift: reserve four riveted bolt holes, evenly distributed at 90 degrees, each using 4 ground anchor bolts, eliminating the displacement caused by mechanical rolling during the road construction, and play a certain anti-theft effect. Breakage proof: This is a big feature of 36T/60T, light 21T. Even if the load pressure exceeds it, it is not as broken as the ordinary cast iron manhole cover, but it is slightly deformed, which has a certain guarantee for cars and pedestrians. Noise prevention: the contact bite surface of the well cover and the well ring, his machine uses the high pressure resistance pressure welding machine, the machine automatically put the horizontal rod on the evenly arranged flat steel, weld the horizontal rod into the flat steel through strong welding power and liquid pressure, so as to get the high quality steel lattice plate with strength, stability and strength of the welding point.