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Features of stainless steel manhole cover

【Abstract】:The common place of stainless steel well cover is the sewage outlet, which is made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and pressure bearing, durable and not easy to be damaged.

The common place of stainless steel manhole cover is sewage outlet. As we all know, every city has underground sewage pipes. At regular intervals, there are some nozzles on the sewage pipe. In order to increase the safety of the nozzle, the nozzle must be installed with safety measures. And this safety measure should be handed over to the stainless steel manhole cover. The traditional manhole cover is cast iron, and its appearance is not very good.
Stainless steel manhole covers are becoming more and more popular and indispensable in drainage. Today, let's take a look at its advantages with stainless steel manhole cover manufacturers.
1. Durability: the stainless steel grate (cover plate) is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and pressure, durable and not easy to be damaged.
2. Easy to clean: the new stainless steel trench cover plate has light weight, easy disassembly, and can be installed and moved freely. It's also convenient when the kitchen is clean and sanitary. Better ensure the hygienic environment of the kitchen.
3. Complete specifications: all kinds of new trench covers are complete, and trench covers of various sizes can be customized according to the trench width.
4. Novel and practical design: compared with the traditional gutter cover, gutter grate and gutter grid, the improvement lies in the novel design. 1、 The stamping anti-skid point at the upper end of the cover allows people to walk freely in a wet kitchen environment. In addition, the humanized rat prevention design prevents large leaves and residues from being transferred to the gutter to block the gutter, and also prevents mice and cockroaches from drilling out of the gutter, which plays a role in sanitation and environmental protection.
5. Beautiful and generous: the one-time stamped stainless steel ditch cover plate is different from the traditional cast iron grate and is welded with steel pipe.
Why are most stainless steel manhole covers made of stainless steel?
We are now in many application scenarios. In fact, we all need to use some special well covers, that is, invisible well covers, because invisible well covers have the following characteristics. 1、 They will not destroy the overall design style, such as some of our garden designs or some shopping malls. Because there are maintenance pipelines underground, some well covers need to be covered. This well cover,
In other words, in the process of application, we cannot suddenly insert a well cover like an outdoor well cover, because it must be reasonably integrated from the environment. Therefore, the stainless steel invisible well cover is applied at this time.
Invisible well covers, in the process of practical application, we basically use stainless steel invisible well covers. Why use stainless steel instead of cast iron or composite well covers, etc. Next, Qingtu Wang Xiao will give you a detailed introduction. As a professional manufacturer of invisible manhole covers, in fact, we have in-depth research on the materials of various manhole covers.
First, let's look at the cast iron manhole cover. Cast iron manhole covers are easy to rust. Although we now use nodular cast iron manhole covers and the production process has been improved, the surface will be coated with asphalt in the application process, but this still can not hide the fact that it is easy to rust. A friend said that the composite manhole cover does not rust, of course not. However, the characteristics of its injection molding process determine that its pressure resistance and load resistance are poor according to the metal material
Much more. Moreover, there are steel bars in the middle of the composite well cover, which will rust over time. As for stainless steel, it will not rust under any circumstances. In particular, 304 stainless steel has very good quality, is very bright in the application process, and can be well integrated into any decoration environment, so this is our good choice.